Tirosh David Quality Castings, Ltd. has set the following policies, challenges and targets as guideline to be follow:

  1. Through productive and creative activity by professional and skilled personnel, the company takes an active part in enhancing the national security and economic independence of the people of Israel, supports the Israeli society as a productive community, strengthens the Israeli industry and benefits the company employees and there families.
  2. The company manufactures high quality aluminum castings to the complete satisfaction of its customers, while meeting all quality standards and delivery schedules for any required quantity at fair and competitive prices while assuring the company’s strength and prosperity for many years to come.
  3. The company has established with all its customers, suppliers and employees long-lasting relationships based on reliability, integrity, transparency and uncompromising quality.
  4. The company pursues continuous improvement in all fields of operation, while constantly striving for excellence, placing itself at the cutting edge of technology and as a leader in its industry.
  5. The company provides its customers with a wide array of services, starting from professional engineering consulting and preliminary design, through development of first articles (prototypes), up to serial production of aluminum castings including in-house machining operations. Complementary coating and painting operations are available by subcontractors.
  6. The company is acting to expand its customer base in Israel and abroad while focusing on the high-quality aluminum casting market. 
  7. The company is committed to the most advanced quality management system and to the most updated professional quality standards.
  8. The company encourages all its employees to improve their professional skills and management abilities by applying in-house and outsourced training activities in all fields of operation.
  9. The company makes sure to utilize only raw and aid materials made of the highest quality available. The company believes that this approach lowers the cost of scrap and therefore is more economical.
  10. The company is committed to operate under neat and tidy, healthy and clean, safe and sound working conditions, while keeping the rules of clean environment to the well being of all its employees.
  11. All company managers are committed to operate with loyalty and integrity, meet targets and objectives, be effective and productive and lead by example.
  12. The company constantly allocates resources to advance its technological, human, organizational and economical capabilities in order to assure flawless operation, internal strength and bright future for many years to come.

Tirosh David Quality Castings LTD

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